I was mulling over this idea of the hostility towards Beyonce for wearing fur to Vegan restaurants. Is Beyonce wrong for rocking a fur coat to a Vegan restaurant? Can Beyonce do any wrong? The problem I have with the article written by Hadley Freeman for the Guardian is this: It has an air of condescension. ‘Jay-z and his good lady wife’ – Isn’t Beyonce a megastar and a beautiful, smart and creative woman as well as Sean Carters wife. Would she address Angelina Jolie-Pitt as Brad Pitt’s ‘good lady wife’?  Doubt it. Beyonce is not Jay-Z’s accessory. Secondly, the chastisement of Beyonce concerns me because of the fragility of the Vegan culture. A culture that people like me have dedicated our lives or life’s work to. To educate, re-address, re-educate and reitterate for compulsory health benefits, positive lifestyle changes and undeniable ethical change for the treatment of animals. When someone like Beyonce makes a statement and tries something new, like stepping into the world of Veganism, the last thing that anyone should do is shoot them down for trying. Becoming a Vegan is a process. It is not something that happens overnight. It took me 4 years of dipping my toe in, trying new things, learning lots and still experimenting today 9 years on, with Vegan food, fashion and ideals which builds comfortability with owning that title. We should celebrate and encourage those who find themselves eating more compassionately. This will not only shed more light on the movement, but will encourage her fans and the veggie-curious to take a step into the abyss of Veganism. tumblr_n54cgjvuab1rnigreo3_250 “Food pickiness and vague spirituality” says Freeman. Again, sprinkles of shade only serve to demean the plight of a person who walks that path, or someone like myself who became Vegan due to life-altering allergies (Topical skin disorders and severe Food Allergies). The truth is, I had no idea about the animal cruelty and that being Vegan was radical and would become trendy. How does Freeman know that Mrs Knowles-Carter is not intolerant to meat, or diary or finds that her body can handle 12month tours better when she detoxs onto a Vegan diet. The truth is, we have no idea why Beyonce and Jay-z choose to go Vegan during the winter months. There is such a thing as Veganuary and Meat-free Mondays, which actively encourage people to try veganism as a fresh start to a new year and a new week. The Vegan culture is often ridiculed and belittled ‘What a pain in the arse it is (Freeman)’ by those who have little experience of the life changing benefits that clean eating can bring or possibly, are weak willed by a lack of support when taking undertaking such a serious and enjoyable lifestyle change. Veganism is not for the elite. Again, another issue I have is this consistent mis-education that ‘I would go Vegan, but it’s so expensive”. So is illness, my darling. In fact, going Vegan can significantly reduce your outgoings on food. The difference between eating a Vegan meal and a meat dish at most restaurants is £2-£5 per plate, for example; a Meat or Fish biryani is typically £12, whereas a Vegetable biryani is £6-8. Major savings! Nothing show-boat or snobbish about it. And to address the fur – look. I don’t think that wearing real fur is cool. But it is her choice. And if she decides to auction off her chinchilla’s and donate her snake skin Hermes bags to charities in the future, I will give her a hug and thank her for embracing the culture in a 2 dimensional way. In my opinion, there are 3 Vegan archetypes. Beyonce is embracing 1 archetype – the lifestyle Vegan. The Vegan who enjoys doing the cleanse, trying something new, doesn’t seem to have any ethical reasoning or health implications but simply loves the way eating clean makes them feel. My message is this; meet people where they are at. Take them for what they are; imperfectly human. What’s your thoughts on this? Would love to reply to any comments below. Be Well, Dr Clare Anyiam-Oisgwe