Throughout March, Premae will be championing #womenSupportingWomen #iwd2015 with motivational mantras, new #premaeWWW Wonder Woman Wednesday series 2 Launch in collaboration with Beatnik at the W London and a Mothers day special competition to really kick start the energy that this year, it really is your time to shine. Only smart women understand the full power of collaboration, we are stronger in numbers. You can say #itsMyTime whilst helping the next woman acheive her goals. Through this you will be strengthened and feel a renewed sense of self worth and courage. Join us daily for your source of strength, courage & wisdom Take the #itsMyTime challenge by helping another woman in someway during the month of March. How many times a day do we get the blessed opportunity to commit a ‘random act of kindness’? More often than we think! Whether it’s paying for someone to get on the bus, helping an elderly person with their shopping bags or spending time giving your best friend who’s just had a break up a mini makeover, there’s countless ways to be supportive and compassionate this March. Share your #itsMyTime random act of kindness story on our Facebook to automatically be entered into our Mothers Day competition. Stay tuned for full details of Premae Wonder Woman March
Love Always, Clare & team x