This saturday 5th May, tune into Premae’s MD, Award nominated educator of 2012, Clare Eluka, who will be discussing  health and nutrition in London’s diverse community, solutions for skin issues (Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne) through a plant based diet and an Allergy-free skincare regime, plus the 3 key body benefits of using our NEW bath and body Anatomy / Tender Tots ranges on Omega Radio 104.1FM from 2.30pm FAQ’S: ” I’d like to eat less meat, will my meals taste bland or not fill me up?” ” I’ve tried every skincare brand in the world, help me to understand makes Premae Skincare so unique?” ” I’ve always had spots, how does what I eat affect the condition my skin?” All these questions and more will be answered! Looking forward to educating you all x