The Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil is a Rich Hydrating Face Oil suitable for Severe Dry skin and Mature Skin What will my skin experience in the first 30 days?
  • In 1-7 days, my skin will appear less dry, tight, cracked and flakey
  • In 14 days, my skin will feel smoother and look more refined (less wrinkled, less age spots)
  • In 21 – 28 days, my skin will feel more silky and have an extremely radiant glow
What are the benefits of Radiance Boost Cleansing Oil?
  • It is a rich cleanse oil which soothes dry, damaged and broken skin
  • The rich cleanse oil cleans dirt, excess oil and longwear makeup
  • The rich cleanse oil is the perfect cleansing conditioner which moisturises whilst cleansing
  • The rich cleanse oil does not dry the skin out
  • It acts like a spa-at-home treatment, rich is lenoic acids to tighten the skin
How do I use this product?
  • Pump a tea spoon amount onto your dry cotton pad
  • Massage into the face and neck to cleanse off impurities or makeup
  • Remove with our Premae Radiance  tonique on clean cotton pads
  • Can also be applied on a wet flannel, followed by tonique applied with cotton pads.