Pharma100 Essence Water Toner – calming for allergy-prone skin, 100ml

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There’s nothing more comforting to the pores than alchohol-free face toner. This Pharma100 Toner is a wonderful skin saviour and promises to instantly sooth pores.

Perfect for cleansing off impurities on Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin allergies.

Product Description

Pharma100 Essence Water Toner 100ml Use after cleansing with Pharma100 Gentle Face and Body Cleanser Pump or spray this delicate face toner onto a cotton pad and blot Seals and closes pores. The Bergamot Oil sedatives and calms down the appearance of redness Soothes pore prone to Allergies. Gently removes left over makeup traces and other trapped impurities. Unclogs pores. Leaves skin healthy, fresh and balanced.    
  • Key Ingredient:

    Bergamot Oil (relaxes and calms irritations) The Orange water based formula offers a gentle clarify system to even the complexion  

Product knowledge:

Refine your skin with this toner.  The Orange water offers a comforting texture. Dry skin look less tight and dry. Protects the pores against environmental changes and damage such as wind and air conditioning. Leaves skin healthy, fresh and luminous.


  Start by cleansing with your Spray 6 pumps onto a cotton pad. Blot the face with the cotton pad for 60 seconds. Dry skin will become healthy and revitalised. The pores are now closed and ready for the next step. Moisturising.


Aloe Barbardensis – Aloe Vera Leaf Water
Citrus Aurantium Bergamia – Bergamot Oil 

Skin Story: Restore 

Skin that seems to get dry straight after using products. Everything you put on your skin absorbs quickly. Your makeup looks cakey due to visibly dry skin. Skin feels rough or patchy when you touch it. Your lines in the skin seem more visible.

Premae Promises:

Radiant skin instantly. Skin that feels and stays hydrated all day. Skin feels conditioned after 1 application. Makeup will sit better on the skin. Spray on top of makeup to keep silky and matte. Hydrated visibly glowing skin.

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