From April 2017, the NHS will be cutting their £22million spend on essential Gluten-free Foods affecting low income children and families which households rely upon for sustained health and longterm wellness. The telegraph said: The clawback will prove controversial with the 1 per cent of people in the UK who are intolerant to wheat and need gluten-free food. That’s 630k families potentially affected by this. “There’s £114 million being spent on medicines for upset tummies, haemorrhoids, travel sickness, indigestion, that’s even before you get on to the £22 million-plus on gluten-free that you can also now get at Morrisons, Lidl or Tesco’s,” Mr Stevens told the Daily Mail. “We will be backing them in new national guidelines that say those should not routinely be prescribed on the NHS. “Part of what we are trying to do is make sure that we make enough headroom to spend money on the innovative new drugs by not wasting it on these kind of items. “The price of gluten-free alternatives has come down substantially. “There’s no doubt that coeliac disease is an important medical condition that’s increasingly being recognised. But when you look at the list of prescribable items it extends to digestive biscuits, pizzas and other products – there are legitimate questions to be answered.” (Telepgrah)

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As a Coeliac sufferer, this is a situation that is extremely close to my heart. 630,000 people being affected by this cut will create an abundance of parents having to compromise on food options for children, if they can not afford gluten-free foods which are typically more expensive than wheat/ gluten based produce. Typically a loaf of bread is 45p. Gluten-free bread ranges from £2.50-3. 5x the amount.   I took my annual Allergy Test this february and discovered am allergic to Gluten, Yeast, Oats, Walnuts, Coconuts, Dairy, Ocean Berch and oddly – green beans. Thankfully my wheat allergy has subsided as I have avoided that ingredient for over 10 years. Gluten and yeast are much harder to avoid. Thousands of Premae customers have an intolerance to mostly Gluten and nuts also. It is insensitive for the government to consider Gluten-free disease intolerances as unnecessary and inappropriate. Let’s face it, £22million spent on Gluten-free produce will not be a drop in the £120billion ocean of debt that NHS is trying is trying to recover. I want this thoughtless and inconsiderate decision to be reversed.   Please join me by signing the petition HERE, we want 630,000 signatures. Ask everyone in the family who has an allergy or a care-giver, parent or health professional to sign. I will issue a 60% discount code to every person who signs up as a pledge of intent to make our Gluten-free healthy skincare affordable. I will also revise the price of every single Premae product from April 1st, to make us the affordable healthy choice for your skin. Use the hashtag #Glutenfreematters to follow the progress via social media. Need an Allergy Test to determine exactly what you are intolerant to? Thank you for your concern and unified support. Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, BEM.