Premae Hydra-Omega Facial

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Premae Hydra-Omega Facial

75min. 10 Step Rejuvenation Facial with natural brightening special handcrafted exfoliant and mask. Ends with Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Skin is refined, lifted, age spots & milia fade continually after facial.

Complimentary Hot Stone Foot Massage.

£25 redeemable on products purchased during your visit.

Product Description

Premae Hydra-Omega Facial Unexplained dry skin can be challenging for most people. Too much oil makes you shiny, not enough causes dry patches. At Premae Harley Street, we’ve got the perfect remedy. Hydration, Nourishment and Replenishment. Always wanted to know how other people have that natural sheen to their skin? This is the treatment for you. We welcome those 16 and over. Younger applicants must have written consent from a guardian. This beautiful facial encompasses effective techniques drawn from both Japanese and Indian Face Massage, Acupressure and Facial Reflexology. You are also pampered with a complimentary Hot Stone Foot Massage during treatment. BENEFITS:
  •  improve the complexion, remove toxins from the face
  •  help prevent and reduce dryness and rough textured skin
  •  deep tissue refinement of the epidermis using hand manipulation
  •  balance the life force energy holistically, helping to improve overall health
Unlike facial surgery, Natural Lift Facial Massage has no ill side effects.  Premae Plush Therapy Facials are perfect for women who find general salons unsuitable as they use harsh chemical products or procedures which actually make your skin look and feel worse.   We use Premae Skincare Exclusively for Skin Food Facials for Anti-ageing and our  step system: Deep Double Cleanse, Mild Dermabrasion, Masque, Toner, Extraction & Oil Massage purifies, replenishes, polishes and lifts the skin for brighter complexion. The best results occur with monthly treatments


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